My Dad, who lives alone in the Netherlands, needs his children to visit and help out a lot more these days. So my brother and I visit as often as we can (every few months). I just got back and had an emotional, yet productive and good trip.

The travel capsule worked extremely well, apart from my Spring hi-tops that rubbed my ankles with the long distances that I walk when I’m in Europe. My Winter fleece lined hi-tops are more comfy, so I’ll need to get another pair of white hi-tops. My white loafers were sublime, and go the distance.

My layers were ideal. Wore my raincoat and denim jacket daily, and was sufficiently insulated. I liked having lots of tops to choose from, and must remember that. My gingham pants were sensational, and do not crease. They were perfect for dressier appointments. Wearing white wardrobe items when I travel is a complete non-issue. Not a mark on my shoes or coat.

I saw my wonderful friend Inge, who was as smiley and fabulous as ever. She looked KILLER in her stripes, denim, lace and checks, and it was a treat to spend the day together. We shopped and she hit the jackpot. I’m sure she’ll share those goodies with you soon. My Dad adores Inge, and they get on well.

I stay at a B&B when I visit my Dad, and have my favourite breakfast daily. My brother and I overlapped with our visit, which made my darling Dad extra happy. We spend the entire trip helping my Dad, spending time with my him, and seeing the odd family member. Of course, we also eat well because we take good food very seriously.

Since we’re battling to do outfit posts on YLF, the best I can offer at the moment is these types of posts of my looks so that you can see the capsule in action. There are lots of selfies because that’s all I could manage from to time with no one to take my pic.

The photos speak for themselves. All taken with my iPhone 6 Plus and in Velp (close to Arnhem) which is where my Dad lives. It’s the quaintest little town I know and awfully picturesque. VERY different to Amsterdam, and a lot more authentic and local. Bicycles are the main source of transport and ALL ages ride them to get from A to B.

My sweet Dad is almost 85 and quite dapper. A true gentleman. All his shirts are from the Gap, his jeans from Levis, his pullovers from J.Crew, his shoes Ecco, and the rest from Nordstrom. And we ALL like to wear happy colours.

It’s good to be back home with my precious boys. xo