I love this post! Your photos are beautiful and colorful and candid in all of the best ways. It's wonderful to see and hear about the places, people and food! It is so great to see the beautiful and stylish Inge, and I can't wait to see her new purchases. It makes me so happy to hear that the two of you had lovely time together... And even though I don't know your sweet Papa, his joy over being with you and your brother is written all over his face.

So lovely to have you back safe and sound. The love and happiness of being together is palpable in your photos of your dad, brother and Inge, thank you for sharing.

WOW. Thank you, ladies. Your words are therapeutic, and much appreciated.

Thank you for sharing your trip with us through such beautiful pictures. I really liked the colors in your travel capsule. You looked amazing in all your outfits!

You obviously know how to put together a travel capsule that works for you. Such beautiful pictures! The food looks delicious, too, but the absolute winner is your father's smile.

Another big thanks from me as well for all your kind and lovely comments!

Scarlet & Sarah - I will share my loot on a separate thread!-)
Dana - Oh thank you! The lipstick is Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Grandest Grape.
Marianna - You made me blush AND smile, thank you!
O. - Waving right back at you, sweet lady.

Im late to the party as usual but what amazing picture and i love the selfies. Im trying to get used to them myself. Your are amazing. Glad most of the caspule worked for your trip. How wonderful you and your brother could overlap. Hey Inge you look beautiful and dad is handsome.

Enjoy your dad as much as possible.

Thank you, Ledonna! Hope you and precious nugget are doing well!

Such beautiful pictures! It's hard to say which I love more: fashion, food, friends, or family: it's all wonderful. Thank you, Angie!

PS I really aspire to packing as well as you do. Or having just the right wardrobe to work with. Someday. *sigh*

Thank you for sharing an album of delightful pictures of your trip. How lovely that you and your brother were able to coordinate your visit. Dad looks wonderful and happy. You have more than one photo that is worthy to frame for your home office. And all the colors makes me smile.

WOW. It's been a tough year, so I REALLY appreciate these awfully kind words. Thank you sooo much.

Sorry I'm so late to this. I'm so glad you got to spend time with your handsome papa. Big hugs to you from across the miles

Caro, you are soooooo lovely. Thank you.

Gorgeous happy photos!! Delicious looking food, color everywhere, and wonderful to see some snippets of lovely you and your lovely outfits. Especially fun photos of you with Inge, and the family selfie in #14. Great to hear that the capsule worked well (not surprised!), bummer about the high tops but the new ones you've ordered look fun. Glad that the trip was good, and hope you've been enjoying your time back with your boys who I'm sure missed you <3

(Nice to see you too, Inge! )

There's nothing like family and food and you've made me want to move to the Netherlands.

Angie, your wardrobe was perfect, and you look stunning in EVERY photo. It was a joy to see your father and brother and you together and how fantastic to see Inge, too, who brought her stylish beauty to the party.

I adored seeing a glimpse of your B&B and, of course, I'm one of those who lets their foodie flag fly. Thank you for sharing your amazing travelogue.

Wow, your loyalty and love for your papa is an inspiration. He is so handsome and smiley!!

Your pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for letting us travel with you a bit through these pictures. I love seeing other parts of the world and how people live. I love seeing all ages on bicycles!

Beautiful work, Angie.

Your dad looks a real character

*waving to Vicki and Aida!-)*

THANK YOU, ladies. It warms my heart reading your lovely words.


{{{Virtual hug right back}}}


Oh he is such a dear...and yes, so dapper! What a beautiful family. I know you must be treasuring every moment with him, Angie.