I have been learning a lot about life lessons based on my version of reality this week. It started with a realization that it’s wrong of me to assume that when people don’t help me it’s because they don’t want to. This approach presumes that there is something wrong with me or that I have done something wrong. I am considering the possibility that they don’t help because they either don’t have the tools to help in the way that’s most beneficial to me or they simply don’t know how to help me. This shift in my perception has changed my perspective on my past and present circumstances. I feel lighter and happier because I believe something different.

The same concept carries over to today’s outfit. Fashion is an authentic form of self-expression for me and having a Pinterest board has really helped me identify looks I love and why. However, the general assumptions I had were the looks on my Pinterest boards (and even some of my favorites on the forum) are inspirational and most of them I’ll never be able to pull off because I’m not thin. I believed this rightly or wrongly until today. The shift in my thinking came from the realization that I can only express the self I believe myself to be. So, if I think something is wrong with my tummy, for example, and other people think it’s perfectly fine, then I am not likely to express myself with outfits that outline my tummy. This would be true even if the outfit would look perfectly fine on me. Until today.

Today I gave myself permission to try out a “thin lady’s”outfit and I think the proportions work. I admit I was urged to try this look only out of desperation because I wanted to wear my new seersucker blazer with red trousers. The only problem is I don’t have any red trousers -- I only have red skinnies. I am amazed that my belief was so strong that these pieces together on me would look lumpy, cheap, and tacky that refused to even try them on together in the privacy of my own home. Amazing how we hold ourselves back without being conscious of it.

Have you avoided certain looks/outfit combinations because you believe they can’t work on your body? What looks have you’ve avoided (pictures please)?

(I hate to post and run but I am volunteering today)

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