I find myself drawn more and more to metallic footwear (in particular, a loafer I have bought/returned 3x now...) I have never worn metallic shoes... I LOVE the shoe, but am struggling with it looking 'right' in an outfit - it's looking very loud and jarring on me.

I found this old post that was helpful, but I'm still struggling. The metallic doesn't bookend my hair, or echo a 'color' in my tops or bottoms, so when I look in the mirror all I see is the shoe. This was the case for both the loafer and a gold metallic Birk.

How do YOU incorporate metallic footwear into your look? Are you keeping tones the same (silver shoe with cool tone outfit; gold with warm)? Keeping the rest of your look basic and letting the shoe be the focal point? Adding jewelry?

I realize this will vary for everyone, as footwear is such a personal style choice, but knowing how YOU do it might help something click for me.