I honestly don't know; I haven't tried them but they are on my wishlist. Subtle metallics are unicorn HEWIs for me.

I generally like the idea of trying something new with an inexpensive version first, and almost suggested it, but the fact that you’ve tried this pair THREE TIMES stopped me. Seems like you’re pretty into them.

Try creating a complement with a metallic bag.

I don't wear metallic footwear as a daily thing anymore either. I reserve it for dressy. I much prefer white and blush for daily wear.

I'm scanning quickly so I think this is repetitive, but a more bronzey or coppery color would bookend your hair beautifully!

Silver footwear works as a neutral for me since I wear lots of light colours. I consider it like a light grey. Nowadays I find black jarring, unless I'm wearing black bottoms.

You also might choosing a metallic version of a shoe you wear frequently. Eg if you live in sandals, choose a metallic sandal, if it’s sneakers try that. When I’ve failed with sparkle or color it’s usually because it’s too much change at once.

I got my daughter bronze Birks for Christmas and she loves them - just enough sparkle, and the bronze picks up tones from her haircolor.

Thanks again, everyone!

I have come to the conclusion that even though this pewter loafer is more muted than a bright silver would be, i think it leans far too cool to work with my earth tone heavy wardrobe. It could work with my navy, but that’s two tops and two dresses - not enough to justify keeping them.

I would love to find a bronze or coppery shoe, but I’m only finding that color in strappy sandals. I’ve ordered and returned a few sandals (finds), but the footbeds are always too narrow, leaving my foot spilling over the arch. Not cute. Maybe a bronze oxford or pointy toe will show up in the fall.

I took another dive into my wardrobe to figure out which skirts and tops are lacking footwear pairings and tried to identify what style(s) and color(s) will be the biggest workhorse.

For now, I am going with the warmer washed antique Birk (looks very bright in the sunny photo, but much more subdued IRL). I’ve also ordered a couple of sneakers (Angie’s metallic vanilla Ecco-I think there is a glimmer or shine to them) and another flat to try. I don’t think these buckle high tops will work but MAN they sure are funky - I HAVE to see them in person.

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Last year I looked at a pair of bronze oxfords over and over again... the Rockports below. I finally convinced myself that I don't need them, but they sure look cool. I like the Johnston and Murphy pair too, with the sporty white sole. Bronze is out there, but it's hard to come by closed-toe shoes in general this time of year. I bet there will be lots more options when fall rolls around!

I have some fairly bright metallic silver mules (style is totally plain, just fairly pointy and slip on) from Target bought last year and I wore them waaaay more than I thought I would.
As someone else said, you can almost think of them as neutrals. The mule which doesn't give full coverage may be a better entry point for you than full coverage loafers/oxfords though. Let us know what you decide.

Well my trick is to wear my gold shoes with either gold statement earrings OR a cardi I have that’s got shiny gold buttons. Either of those seems to balance out the look.
I think they must still stand out a lot though because they get a lot of comments, and my mother was rather surprised that I wear them to work. So....maybe metallic footwear is something that just DOES jump out a little... and you gotta embrace that and feel comfortable with it I guess.
Funnily enough I can embrace it with metallic footwear but in white footwear I just feel too ridiculous and can’t wear it!

Yay! The Birks are sort of a nude to you and will go with everything