Angie's OOTD posts yesterday and today inspired me to pull out a pleated midi skirt and play around with it a bit.

My skirt is not pleated all the way down but has a knife-pleated flounce at the high-low hem. It's made of viscose, and it's a bit more slippery/shiny than I was expecting (I bought it from Poshmark late last summer). I'd worn it a couple of times but honestly I was on the fence about it when I pulled it out of my closet today. Turns out it's a lot more versatile than I'd thought and now I am excited to wear it this spring/summer.

Thank you for the inspiration, Angie! Hmmm, maybe I'll have a skirt year too...

The specifics:

1: Copycatting Angie's formula from yesterday of pleated midi + sporty/casual top + ballet flats. I don't have a jean jacket, so I went with this cropped 3/4-sleeve sweatshirt. I like this a lot!

2-3: Now trying to copycat another element of Angie's look from yesterday: bookending glasses and footwear (closeup in 3). Fun idea, though in the end I think this is my least favorite of the lot.

4: Had another idea about bookending footwear with a cropped Breton sweater. I loooove this -- my fave option from an aesthetic point of view.

(Just realized this is another exception to my no-dropped-shoulders rule. Oh well, I contain multitudes!)

5: Slightly more casual/easy version with the dressy wedges replaced with flat silver slides. I like this too, please ignore blown-out lighting and super awkward arm position.

6: Trying a different stripey sweater, and casual-izing with footwear instead of top. This sweater is a bit longer, so I suppose the proportions are not as ideal -- however, it's JFE in real life (you're going to have to trust me on this; because of the angle at which I take photos I always seem to end up with the lower half of my body foreshortened a bit). This is sooo comfortable and is what I actually wore today.*

*Sadly, the weather turned here in Seattle JUST as I was leaving the house this afternoon. So after picking my daughter up from school I had to change into something warmer before heading out to do the weekly grocery shop. Sigh...

Thanks for looking! Grateful for any comments or other ideas you have to share.

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