You look amazing in both outfits. I love that you have/find/make/ so many opportunities in your life to glam things up and I’m so glad you share with us so we can experience it vicariously.

Both beautiful dresses. The neckline on the second dress is particularly lovely. And what Jenn said!

Stunning per usual. Love the high low mix of Target & Valentino!
I also love pink w/red.

Your ability to be super glam’ and also super whimsical really draws me in. Love it.

Happy Anniversary!!!

My 25th was last January & you’re right... it’s soooo loooong, lol.

Bonnie - thank you so much

Bronx - you make a good point about the shoes, I have some nice nude ankle strap pumps that would be a good match with the red dress - I will have to give that combination a try.

Barbara Diane - I was so lucky that the lace dress fitted me perfectly. It is a brand that I am very lucky that the cut of their clothing tends to fit me.

Eliza - I really like the neckline on the second dress too. It is strange that more dresses do not have this shape or neckline as it is a nice variation from a classic shift dress.

Angie - THANK YOU so much. You have no idea how much more fun I am having with my wardrobe since joining YLF. Before it was less cohesive and I was less confident in my fashion choices. So a huge thank you to you and other forum members who have taught me so much about style, fashion and to embrace what works for me personally.

JAileen - I am excited about the new flowered lace dress too.

Katerina - I love how you have a signature style that is so very elegant, glamorous and timeless. You are definitely a style inspiration for me.

Jenni - we were both so lucky to find love young. Every morning after I have my shower and I am getting ready, my husband makes me a coffee. It is often the little things like this that make me feel loved rather than the grand gesture of a romantic dinner. We are likely to take our almost 11 year old out to dinner too. He is a pretty special part of the marriage.

Jane - yes it is lovely to celebrate these special occasions and create happy memories.

Christina - we have a few months to go before the anniversary, but thank you, it is great that our marriage has lasted so long and is something to be celebrated.

Janet - I do love my dresses! I have to make sure that I wear them, especially the more dressy pieces like the lace dress.

Rachy - I can thoroughly recommend the Australian brand Moss and Spy. Quite influenced by Dolce and Gabanna - the designer has Italian heritage and dresses in her own designs.

Sarah - I am looking forward to getting some silver heels. I am sure that for dressy occasions they will be a useful wardrobe addition.

Windchime - congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary!

Sal & Roxanna - I really like it when I associate a certain item of clothing with a special event or holiday. The only problem, is that it can make me keep things that otherwise I may find easier to part ways with.

Shevia - I am glad you like the new dress best. I just love everything about this dress, the lace is so pretty.

Gigi - the red dress is such a pretty raspberry red. I wish it was an easier colour to find.

Jenn - well I do make any excuse to dress up!

Brooklyn - so glad you like the new dress. I love how your style is dressy and elegant with so much variety. Unfortunately, where I live people are incredibly casual most of the time.

Opaline - thank you so much. I think we both share a love for whimsical elements. I am looking forward to seeing your My Melody Furla bag in action!

You are humble and gracious, Bijou. It's YOU putting your looks together, so be proud and give yourself a big pat on the back!

Congrats on your anniversary, and yes to marrying your best friend YLF! Love the floral especially!