Thanks , Ms Texstyle for the striped t-shirt post yesterday. Got me thinking...:) And then Brooklyn commented about a Bailey dress which sparked a dim thought that I have a Bailey striped t that I really like and should wear today. But - the problem with this t-shirt is that I don't have a jacket that works with it. With white jeans, I'm not wearing a blue denim jacket - not the look I want. And no blazer in my closet seems to work. So this t, and other stripes like it, rarely get worn because they just lack something to my eye and I could never figure out what it was until this morning. Granted, this t-shirt has little more going on because of the silk band and lace hem....but still - just blah under a plain jacket. All dressed and ready to go and had to leave so no time to fuss...and decided that my camo print army jacket might be interesting . And then, floral print leather wedges. The colours all work together, and I really like the camo jacket with the striped t. Simple jewellery - enough going on with the patterns.

The epiphany: striped t-shirts work best for me as a part of a pattern mixing outfit. Not as a standalone print/pattern. I was out doing a bit of shopping at noon, and tried it on under a seersucker striped blazer and also liked that - enough so that I bought it I'd love to find a floral print blazer for a dressier work look - camo not being terribly professional looking . All of a sudden I feel like I know how to wear stripes that feels more me. Thanks YLF!

Thoughts on the pattern mixing ? Have I lost my mind?

And :

1st week of the GYST program completed. Turned 55, changed up my hair and have been working out pretty aggressively and feeling good. (Kettlebells and cardio this past week) Lost probably 2 pounds(that's over maybe 8-9 days) . Took 3 bags of clothes and purses to the donate bin. Closet organized for tops and jackets/sweaters. Decided that hard physical workouts are a good outlet for my excess mental and emotional energy.

jeans - BR Premium - last summer
T - Bailey 44 - last summer
jacket - CM - ancient
wedges - Wishbone Collection /Browns - last summer
white tote, white watch, silver studs and ring
scent :Chanel Cristalle; makeup : all blue based cool tones - like it against red hair for a more unexpected contrast

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