Oooh - I like that. Very much. I'm headed back to the mall tomorrow to pick up a couple more pieces I have on hold, so will definitely stop in at UO and check this out. I'd love that colour too. Could wear it with ma new pahnts.

Oh my, I love those shoes! Obviously I now have a thing for patterned shoes. And great idea to pattern mix the stripes. I will give this a go too because I also struggle with stripes (as I said on Ms Tex's thread). Love the idea of a floral blazer too.
And congratulations on the workout progress. I love the kettle bells too! Off to hit them shortly

Stripes - I like them on you with and without the mix.
Hair - Approve deeply of new color.
Kettlebells - I gave them up for yoga last summer but I am getting ready to re-integrate.
GYST - Getting your shit together if I recall correctly?

Now that's the way to wear stripes. I struggle with them myself (sometimes finding them too preppy), but I love how you've mixed up the patterns here. Your hair looks gorgeous too.

I love your pattern mixing. This is coming from someone who does very little patterns. But I would do patterns on shoes. They are great.

Shevia - yes to all.

Beautiful outfit and your hair looks amazing. Khaki looks incredible with your eyes, especially with the new hair colour. Note to self, when feeling blah - get into the gym, feeling a bit fitter and slimmer does a lot for me too. Thanks for the reminder.

Love the outfits and the red hair.

Said it before, but it's worth repeating, this hair color is really flattering on you and it makes your gorgeous eyes pop out! I'm most happy to know you are feeling better and making progress on the GYST program.

So, the whole outfit is just so you and so fab. I love the floral print shoes, it's just enough but not too much and works so well with the stripes and camo. I have my own love-hate relationship with stripes, love them on everyone-hate them on myself and I feel like a fashion fashion failure because every list says your supposed to have a striped tee. Can't wait for you to find and show your floral blazer.

Suz- GYST - it's my Get Your S--- Together program Started June 1 . No going back now ! Covers all aspects of my life . Memberships free for YLF friends -

What an awesome outfit. Love every part of it!

Very fun and put together.

I have to say one thing for that bad attitude hairdresser : she really nailed the colour- it looks so natural, and harmonious with your skin.
Also : incredible how that camo turns your eyes to green.
Super pattern mixing of florals, stripes and camo.

Gorgeous outfit Lisa, I thin it is pure perfection. And that is a very interesting epiphany about needing to pattern mix your stripes. Looking forward to seeing an outfit with your new Avery pants.

Love your outfit and your epiphany. The patterns harmonize well and in a cool, interesting way.

I am sure I was away when you did your hair color. (I was around for the discussion.) it looks fantastic, totally transforming.

You look amazing, Lisa! And it's awesome that you are feeling better too. How fantastic are those shoes, wow:-)
I love stripes no matter what, mixed or straight up, but pattern mixing stripes always makes me smile a little wider.
Really loving your new hair colour too!

And yes, I agree, you need a floral print blazer to go with those stripes

ETA: Have you seen these? Just let us know if you want us to help you look:-)

I'm not much of a pattern mixer, but I like this. I like how the jacket contrasts with the possible preppy factor of the classic stripes. Good job on GYST!

And I am stealing those shoes.

Yep, love it all, particularly those shoes! Yum.

Your GYST program sounds great. I have 2 kettlebells looking very forlorn and unused on my deck. One day....

Love the happiness in mixing! Flipping through the July InStyle this morning, this shot of JESSICA ALBA stopped me in my tracks

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Inge , thanks for the inspiration pics! I'm not much of an on-line shopper for the usual Canadian reasons, so I'll keep looking in stores, and if I find something ,great! I'd ideally love something in a white, or pale blue with a multi floral - or so I dream , anyways

stripes--I "want" to love striped t-shirts/tops. Mixing them with florals/pattern is brilliant and I need to try that out.

I've tried on a many a striped shirt and they just make me look . . . wider and I really don't need that help. But if I hide the stripes under a jacket, that works fine. It's just so hot to do that, except for "an entry," then it's time to get real and breathe.

stripes,I am surmising, look best on low volume women on top, like my daughter.

Lovely! The stripes and camo are great together.

Yes! to the pattern mixing. I put a navy/white stripe tee under my navy pinstriped blazer and I love the combo. More interesting than a solid tee.

The organizing, getting things done and goal setting is great. I think we tend to feel better when we feel in control. At least I do. Lack of control always messes me up.

The GYST program is hitting the mark!
Great to hear you're feeling so productive. Looking great, too.