1. Tough to photograph well - all the black and dark denim makes it look  kind of flat....which, in retrospect, it was. Plus how do you get your own hand out of the way??
2. Would I wear this again?  Mmmmm. Doubt it. I will replicate the formula, as I found having a wrap overtop the denim jacket surprisingly practical and functional, and not fussy at all, but I wasn't feeling great in such a big blob of flat dark colour.  I think I'll try it again with a white t and a soft grey cashmere wrap. I'm concerned about the lint factor from that particular  wrap onto black pants though.
3. This was also an experiment with this new bag - which I've had for ages and never used.  I have nothing else in green , and wanted to tie it in somewhere...hence the floral necklace. Not quite sure it was the right piece. Too springy with the rest of the outfit .  I would really like a green top of some sort though.
4. Side benefit :  discovering this denim jacket again and liking it.  I'll be looking for more ways to incorporate it into my look.

Anyways - here it is:

pants - Halogen
boots - Lord & Taylor
sleeveless t - Current Elliot
denim jacket - Hilfiger
bag - BR
necklace - BR
wrap - Parkhurst

Also featured is Puffi, who wishes I would turn off the overhead light and let him get back to sleep.  

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