I'll update this thread with daily posts with this week's outfits and update the list below summarizing my capsule. I am also updating fit evaluations and identifying items that need to be transitioned out of my capsule and beginning to evaluate what my needs are for February.

[Day 20-21 were not posted, but were a mix of exercise wear and post-exercise gear not included in the capsule and worn at the gym, around the house, and to get groceries.]

Day 22, I wore my boot cut jeans and my rust merino sweater, with a change up in necklace and introducing my navy pumps, for a half-day at work for shutdown activities. I've also added a WIW photo. I've been experimenting on a couple ways to get the picture -- my work bathroom mirror had sufficient light. The pants aren't quite as dark in real life, but they are a dark wash. They are a 'barely boot cut' and are designed to be a bit shorter than full boot cuts because there is just a small flare at the ankle.

It looks like we'll be back at work tomorrow!Bottoms:
1. Straight jeans (Days 1, 3, 8, 13, 15, 20, 24,28)
3. Boot cut dark jeans (Days 2, 5, 6, 9, 14, 22,27), will need to size down in next week or two
10. WHBM rose ankle pants (Day 4, 11) --> moved to donate pile.
Replaced with navy full length pants (Day 18,23,26)
20. Geometric print pencil skirt (Day 10, 16, 25)

2. Teal cowl neck tunic (Days 1, 15, 24) --> at edge of fitting, consider replacing with similar weight tunic in February
5. Purple/black v-neck top (Day 2) --> tried on Day 22 and is too room in waist area, moved to donate pile.
11. Burgundy shell (Day 4)
13. Teal cashmere sweater (Day 5, 14)
15. COS rust jersey top (Day 6, 12, 18, 22)
16. Cream sleeveless shell (Day 8, 16, 23) --> moved to donate pile
17. Teal shell (Day 9)
21. Merino rust sweater (Day 10, 22)
23. Burgundy cowl neck tunic (Day 13, 25,28) --> at edge of fitting, same size and cut as first tunic above.
25. V-neck navy cable knit (Day 26)

26. Grey Athleta t-shirt (Day 27)

6. Black asymmetric cardigan (Day 2) --> considering moving to donation pile.
12. Burgundy waterfall cardigan (Days 4, 8, 16)
18. Teal cardigan (Day 9,23)

8. Navy COS boiled wool dress (Day 3, 11,19)

navy sheath, not worn in challenge --> it was too cold in early January to wear and now is too big, moved to donate pile

3. Chelsea matte Burgundy boots (Days 1, 6, 8, 24)
7. Black 3.5" dressy booties (Days 2, 4, 10,19,25)
9. Burgundy suede black heel booties (Days 3, 26,29)
14. Bronze booties (Day 5)
17. Black moderate heel booties (Day 9, 13, 14, 15,28)
22. Burgundy block heel pumps (Day 11, 12, 16, 18).
24. Navy pumps (Day 22,23)

Room for 4 more additional items in wardrobe. 7 of my 24 thus far are shoes.

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