I planned to use some old classic pieces and to do limited shopping for my new dressier work in 2020. Nothing went the way I planned of course - corona virus changed things big way. After a three months of shutdown we were called back to work with a more relaxed dress code - and I had very few options to wear ( very casual previous work and a break up with ex ) . I’ve got the other problem right away- swollen knees
( took almost three months to take it under control).

What worked:
- black and white pieces;
- midi skirts ( thank you Angie and all the fabbers for inspiration! );
- buying shoes in the store ( metallic sneakers);
- getting blue puffer on-sale in spring shutdown and wearing it non-stop now;
- checking Marshall’s, Rack, Ross and Old Navy for bargains.

What didn’t work:
- shopping for shoes on-line ( 80% failure );
- trying to do traditional/classic looks with older pieces;
- looking for new jeans ( gave up );
- cooping other girls’ styles.

I rediscovered my preference for jackets ( fun ones with interesting details ), fall in love with moto jackets, ombré skirts, colorful sneakers and found my statement style - Rock and roll
( Michael Hutchence INXS “ Need you tonight “ as all time fav ). I also gave myself permission to wear a bunch of graphic tees with everything!

I’m still looking for dressier pieces that I can wear to work ( and hope to wear for fun everyday) , comfy shoes, lightweight jackets ( moto! ). I want to add more color to my mostly black work wear - blue and silver as the colors for 2021. It may be printed tops with blue, black and white in them for easy mixing; more skirts options for the spring-summer.
I haven’t updated my lounge wear, pj, make up. I hope to be able to do more for myself in 2021. The word for 2021 is Cherish ( my family, my relationships, my friends and myself of course ).
Here are a few favorites from 2020.
Thank you for looking - comments and suggestions are welcome.

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