Chocolate Brown Is Back

It’s taken twelve years for chocolate brown to return as a trendy neutral, and it’s about time. Strangely, it didn’t even feature as a fringe trend. Why the perfectly lovely neutral was banished from fashionable existence makes little sense. Let’s hope those days are over.

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Fashion Trend - Chocolate Brown Is Back

Mom Jeans

The term “Mom jeans” makes me cringe because it makes a generalization about moms and what they wear. These so-called mom jeans were thought of as dowdy, unattractive and unflattering for the longest time. But silhouettes and combinations are frumpy right up until they’re fashionable. And now, the very same fashion industry that judged the silhouette unfashionable is putting it on a pedestal.

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Fashion Trend - Mom Jeans

Straw Bags

Straw bags are a classic that’s on trend and having its fashion moment, or what I call a “trendy classic.” Items like straw bags have a timeless and Modern Retro quality, which is what gives them their style longevity. But they become trendy when the fashion world puts them on a pedestal for a while. When the trend has passed, straw bags will continue to look fab, because they’re always in style.

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Fashion Trend - Straw Bags

Wrap Tops

The classic wrap top is back with a vengeance. They were very popular ten to twelve years ago, but fell away when fashion favoured the fluid and oversized vibe. The sisterly version that followed the wrap top was the draped blouse, or wrap-front top. Wrapped in front but voluminous on the midsection, creating a different look to the traditional tailored “ballerina” wrap top.

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Fashion Trend - Wrap Tops

Slingback Pumps & Flats

There’s an incredibly rich list of ingredients simmering in the melting pot of fashion right now. Fashion has moved on from fads, and trends now have more longevity. The range of colours, silhouettes and outfit combinations in fashion is greater than ever, and keeps growing. We are at the point where almost anything goes.

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Fashion Trend - Slingback Pumps & Flats