If you use the YLF Finds feature then you have probably seen the email alerts we send you when we know that an item in your collection has dropped in price. The alerts are sent out on Tuesday and Friday mornings, and include all items in your “Shopping” and “Wardrobe” folders that have dropped in price over the last 7 days.

Now we have added the ability to control the alerts that you receive. If you go the the “Email” tab on your profile page, you will see a new section entitled “Finds Price Change Alerts”. Underneath that are three checkboxes where you can turn on price alerts for your “Considering”, “Shopping” and “Wardrobe” folders independently. Currently “Shopping” and “Wardrobe” are on by default. We guessed that you would want to see price alerts for items on your shopping list, and for items in your wardrobe (in case there is a chance of getting a price adjustment).

If you don’t want to receive any alerts at all, just uncheck all three boxes.

Just in case you use Finds but haven’t got around to organizing your items into folders, I should elaborate on that a little. When you collect an item it automatically goes into the “Considering” folder. So if you have never moved your items into different folders, they are all in “Considering”. But you can easily move an item from there into “Shopping” and from there into “Wardrobe”. Folders are really easy to use and Angie explained them in some detail last year.

If you aren’t using Finds, please consider giving it a try. You can easily collect items from online stores, include them in your posts, create collections, and as I mentioned above, receive alerts when the items in your collection drop in price.