A new fashion trade organization, an exhibition about Italian style, Tim Blanks leaving Style.com, and more fashion news that made headlines this week.

Quote for the Day

Not a fashion fact today, but a quote from Isabella Rossellini that I think fits in quite well with yesterday’s links on aging, and the recent forum conversation on the topic. In a 2012 interview with The Huffington Post about the movie Late Bloomers, the interviewer pointed out that many consider her “a model of graceful aging”. Ms Rossellini gave the following down-to-earth and refreshing reply:

“I age, it just happens; it’s like, tell a baby don’t grow (but) it will grow. Nothing I can do to stop the progress. I don’t see myself as a role model… and I don’t age gracefully to give anybody an example! … I age comfortably. Some people are better at it. It depends on how well you are physically. I will die. (It’s) not my choice. You are asking me questions as if aging or dying is my choice; it isn’t. I have news: it will happen to you, too.”