This week’s titles are a celebration of text and image. Fashion meets fiction in Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty: A Fashion Fairy Tale Memoir. Camilla Morton reinvents the classic “once upon a time” story to record the real-life bio of renowned couturier Christian Lacroix, famous for his sumptuous fabrics and dramatic style. With exclusive illustrations and digital collages by the designer himself, “this tale illuminates Mr. Lacroix’s creative magic while celebrating his unique life and career. The result is an intriguing combination of whimsy and memoir.”

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a thing for vintage book and magazine covers. I’m especially fond of the ones that use illustrations instead of photographs. In the twentieth century, each new decade brought its own iconic cover designers, each with a vast and impressive body of work. For obvious reasons it’s impossible to collect all these beautiful books, that’s why I’m always glad to see the artwork published in postcard form. Much more storage-friendly, plus these cards are lovely to send to friends or display around the house. Vintage Postcards from Vanity Fair – One Hundred Classic Covers (1913-1936) is a set that doesn’t disappoint. The box contains 100 postcards with beautiful, bold illustrations, representing more than twenty years of cosmopolitan Jazz Age design. A treat for fans of fashion, vintage cover design and art deco.

Do you also find vintage magazine covers hard to resist? And do you ever buy a magazine just because the cover illustration really speaks to you, even if the features inside are not your cup of tea?

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We are chatting about the movie version of The Devil Wears Prada, with a delightfully haughty Meryl Streep as editor-in-chief of Runway magazine. Once you’ve seen the “lumpy blue sweater” scene, the word cerulean takes on an entirely different meaning… Come join us in today’s kick-off thread to discuss the fashion, the actors, the magazine industry, and more memorable scenes.

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