Update: ASOS is now offering up to 70% off from Black Friday until December 3.

Shame on me for forgetting to thank the Gap in yesterdays’ blog post. Better late than never, so thank you Gap for coming out with a superb assortment of affordable, well made and well fitting jeans across an impressive range of lengths, washes and sizes. Truly KILLER. My clients and I love you for it. Some of us even prefer your jeans to our premium styles.

If you haven’t checked out Gap’s new collection of denim, please do so this weekend during the Thanksgiving weekend sale (especially on Black Friday). My personal favourites are the legging jeans, real straight, always skinny and the perfect boot. But the other cuts are well worth a look too.

Apart from denim, I’ve had luck with the following items on several of my clients:

  • Boy Fit Tuxedo Stripe Pants: I like these best when the fit is roomy so you might want to size up even though they run true to size.
  • Center Seam Dolman Top: A nice basic and great backdrop for scarves.
  • Cowl Sweater: Cozy and easy. Size up if you have a broader shoulder or fuller bust.
  • Really Skinny Pants: Fabulous quality  and a super fit. Great to wear on their own with pumps or ballet flats, or tucked into boots.
  • Modern Boot Pants: If you’re looking for an inexpensive pair of black dress pants, these might just fit the bill.
  • Nylon Crossbody Bag: These remind me a 90’s Prada look. Very fab.

Happy Shopping!

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