Santa did pretty well this year. I finally unwrapped my new puffer coat. It’s gorgeous and will be put to good use over the next few months. I was also thrilled to receive more things on my wish list, like red wine tumblers, cheese knives, a stout red teapot, a set of dainty bone china tea mugs and a mother of pearl picture frame. Thank you everyone. I adore my gifts!

Extreme weather conditions in this neck of the woods put a sad damper on Seattle retail. Many of us were snowed in, which made last minute Christmas shopping impossible (even for Santa). I’m going to help Santa out by purchasing a few belated Christmas gifts. I hope to score the following in the post Christmas sales frenzy:

  • Knitwear, knitwear and more knitwear
  • Snow boots
  • Another pair of slippers
  • Gloves
  • A set of good kitchen knives

Based on your wish lists, how would you rate Santa’s performance this year and what’s on your post-Christmas mega-bargain shopping list?