The first few weeks of a New Year are the perfect time to remember the parts of your wardrobe that often fall by the wayside. Set aside time to think about the items below and add them to your shopping list if they need replacing or updating. The list pertains both to ladies and gents so have a squizz at your significant other’s wardrobe after you’ve gone through yours.

  • Slippers or house shoes are an essential part of your wardrobe if you don’t like to wear shoes at home. Walking around in socks is fine, but if your feet hurt after a day of stomping around on hard wooden floors, then a super pair of slippers is the solution.
  • Loungewear that looks and feels great is a must because lounging with style is important, and I can’t stress this point enough.
  • Workout wear that’s flattering, comfortable and practical makes exercising a joy. Make sure that you work out in pukka workout wear because old sweats and T’s won’t do.
  • Socks need to work with your wardrobe and be free of holes. Make sure that you have the right assortment of colours and thicknesses to suit your needs.
  • Underwear is often neglected and it’s where your style quotient starts. Check that bras, undies, camisoles and boxer shorts are in good condition and in the right size and silhouette.
  • Make-up drawers get overloaded with lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners and shadows that are either dated or expired. Get rid of the junk and keep your make-up drawer clean and minimalist.

Closet editing was a popular New Year’s resolution so we’ll recap how to proceed with this process effectively in a few blog entries.