Our work-out clothes are an aspect of our wardrobe that we often neglect, but you should look and feel fabulous while exercising. While few people feel their best wearing lycra from head to toe, substituting worn, stained and stretched t-shirts is not the answer. Cotton is a bad idea – it holds water while you sweat in temperatures that are cooler than your body temperature. You need clothing that keeps you dry when you perspire. The answer is to invest in the proper gear from authentic sports brands, and to wear it when you work out.

Here are a few ideas to help you feel better in your workout clothes:

  • Longer length tops – wear a longer top when you wear lycra from head-to-toe. Cycling shops specialize in these and you won’t have that dreaded draft up your back while you’re touching your toes.
  • Layer – pop a shorter sleeveless lycra or spandex blend top over your longer length one. The interest of the extra layer is slimming.
  • Half lycra and half not – if you still feel that you can’t sport the all-lycra-look, go half way. Wear a tank top and sports bra with baggy running shorts or athletic bottoms; or a sporty form-fitting t-shirt (layer if you need to) with lycra or yoga pants.

Try and get your mind around feeling self conscious in your exercise clothes. Good for you that you’re getting your bottom into gear! Being healthy definitely increases your style quotient.

Camo Floral TankAsanas TankMotion Jacket

Power Pant  Speedy Racer ShortSpeedy Short

A mix-and-match story from Lucy: longer length tank, layering T’s, track top, athletic bottoms, running shorts, and lycra shorts.