Some form of weatherproof coat is essential for those of us who have wet Autumns and Winters. Styles with hoods are particularly practical when small children are in tow and our hands aren’t available to hold an umbrella in addition to everything else. The good news is that our choices are less dowdy these days and rainwear seems to get more fashionable every year. Below are my top picks for this season. The stylish Mum-on-the-go never looked better.

Larry Levine Hooded RaincoatNew Rainyday JacketGallery Iridescent Walking Coat Ramosport All Weather Swing Coat

Price points for this item will vary, but the style from Macy’s (far left) is currently on sale and looks terrific paired with a super pair of funky waterproof boots, jeans and a great handbag. Thank you Meredith for inspiring this blog entry. You looked fab yesterday as we shopped in the rain.