Does the fashionable weatherproof boot exist? It does and your options are greater than you think. Wellies are fun for playful and casual settings, but if you’re after something a little more sophisticated, try boot brands like La Canadienne, Aquatalia and Sudini. You’ll find that most of their collections are either weatherproof or completely waterproof. In fact, the styles are so fab (and really comfy), it’s almost too good to be true. Unfortunately, they cost a pretty penny – you’re looking at an average price of $300. The Sudini brand tends to make a more affordable range.

You’ll find a wide assortment of these practical yet stylish boot brands on and at most department stores. Be sure to browse on-line to find a pair that tickles your fancy because there’s lots to choose from.

La Canadienne Tahra Aquatalia Ranch Aquatalia Elle

Aquatalia Nella Aquatalia Zolo 3 La Canadienne Talar

An assortment of weatherproof and waterproof boot styles from La Canadienne and Aquatalia.