Uber cheap and chic Swedish chain store H&M considers the U.S. “a key expansion market”. Rumour has it that the European favourite might occupy either the old Barney’s retail  space on 5th avenue or the current Kenneth Cole space on 6th avenue in downtown Seattle. H&M spokesperson Lisa Sandberg downplayed the gossip in the East Bay Business Journal (“Stylish H&M eyes Seattle“, May 4, 2007):

“There is nothing signed in Seattle or Washington state. We are not announcing any leases at this point.”

But she did also confirm that the company has been looking for sites in the area.

“Our real estate department is out scouting the country for the best locations.”

Edgy and urban Seattle would warmly welcome H&M’s fashion-forward and affordable merchandise, giving stores like Old Navy, the Gap and the Nordstrom’s B. P. department a run for their money. My fingers are crossed that H&M keeps it’s stylish eyes on Seattle.