Wide-legged pants and jeans are trendy this season, but you need to coordinate them with the right tops and shoes for the most flattering effect.

  • Voluminous tops need to be soft and cinched in at the waist because “volume on top of volume” makes for a shapeless silhouette.
  • Form-fitting tops automatically balance out roomier bottom proportions and are the best choice.

When it comes to shoes, heels look best with wide-legged pants even if it’s just an inch of lift. Flattering, leg-lengthening height balances out the width of the pants. Remember to sport the right pant length with whatever shoe you choose.

Bubble TopForm Fitting Jacket

The shapeless bubble top (left) is trendy, but not as flattering over wide-legged pants as the form-fitting option of a tailored shirt and jacket (right).