Welcome the day clutch as a more elegant alternative to the oversized tote or satchel for Spring. The idea of a grab-bag for everyday use is an interesting one. Their sleek rectangular shape is modern and new, and I especially like them matched with a spotted top. The contrast that is created between the roundness of the polka dot and the linear shape of the clutch is somehow striking.

Unfortunately, the day clutch isn’t very practical. While oversized styles might be large enough to hold all your essentials, it never leaves you with both your hands free. You need to… well… “clutch” a clutch (either with your hand, or between your upper arm and your side). So this fashionable trend is fab when you can spare the extra hand, but will leave you fumbling when you can’t.

Kate Spade 'Pasadena - Jocelyn' ClutchL.A.M.B. 'Signature - Carlisle' Convertible Clutch Tote
HOBO International Tina Clutch

Day clutches by Kate Spade, L.A.M.B. (Nordstrom) and Hobo International (Amazon.com).