Sleepwear is where I personally draw the line – there is no style quotient in the land of nod and comfort is the only criteria. If you can’t wear itchy lace sets, that’s okay (I certainly can’t). If you dream best in boxer shorts and a tank, go for it. Shapeless, roomy, comfy PJ’s  are adorable and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

With sleepwear costing as much as outerwear, it’s usually the last item on my shopping list. Then again, this aspect of your wardrobe is extremely personal and best left between you and your bed sheets.

Victoria's Secret logo lace halter babydoll Victoria's Secret cotton sateen pajama Victoria's Secret poplin short

Victoria’s Secret has a super variety of sleepwear, but their quality is not high end. Not a bad place to get a cheap quick-fix if you need something fancy (or sexy).