How many times can you wear your knitwear items (pullovers, cardigans and sweaters) before you need to launder them? I have found that unless you’ve spilled, traveled, traipsed in muck, or perspired heavily, 4-5 times works well. Lighter coloured knitwear will need to be washed more frequently; while patterned styles survive a little longer. My cream cardigan needs to be washed every second time I wear it, but my cheetah printed one lasts a good deal longer.

This wear-to-wash ratio can be applied to any type of yarn, including cashmere, silk-blends, wool, viscose blends, acrylic and polyester. Pilling is unfortunately inevitable and can happen after one wear! Excessive laundering of knitwear can sometimes create pillage when inferior yarn was used.

Keep an eye on the entire family’s knitwear and make sure that it gets the proper attention. Appropriate wash care balances keeping knitwear items looking pristine with maximizing their useful lifetime.