Winter clothing often makes us feel bulky and unfeminine. Chunky knits, turtlenecks, tweeds and thick soled shoes aren’t half as alluring as your favourite sexy summer pieces. Winter dressing calls for a chic and tailored approach.

Here’s how:

  • Choose your fabrics carefully – winter clothing does not need to be thick to keep you warm. Select knitwear and coats made of finer fabrics such as mohair, wool blends and cashmere yarns instead. They are light, airy and just as warm. Chunky knitwear and polar fleece might make you look and feel bigger than you are.
  • Keep your clothing streamlined – choose tailored clothing. There is nothing as sophisticated as a perfectly tailored coat. Match it up with a shaped collared shirt, cashmere pullover and ultra-long slacks or jeans with heels for an instantly chic look.
  • Wear heeled boots – long heeled boots worn with knee length skirts, jeans, slacks, culottes or walk shorts are always a feminine alternative. 
  • Make the most of winter accessories – funky hats, pretty scarves and dainty gloves are wonderful ways to keep warm and look fabulous in winter. Consider wearing accessories instead of bulking up with extra layers.

Keep it lady-like and tailored to feel just as girlie in winter as you do in summer.

Even lanky models look bigger than they are in the bulky knitwear above, but…

…streamlined cashmere and wool-blend pullovers can be more feminine and flattering.