Don’t forget to look fab in the snow! Whether you ski or snowboard, or just enjoy hanging out with others who do – make sure that you do it with style. This is the time to be kitted out in practical, comfortable and flattering gear that keeps you looking posh and polished as you hit the slopes.

It’s a good idea to buy a capsule of gear that you can mix-and-match. In this way you won’t get bored wearing the same outfit 5 days in a row.  Winter white, black, red and bright colours are my personal preference for snow gear simply because they stand out brilliantly against white snow. While you’ll certainly need enough room to maneuver, select inner and outer layers with a bit of shape – you’ll always look slimmer that way.

Stores like REI, Roots, Columbia, Patagonia and Helly Hanson are also on sale at the moment. With the best months for snow sport ahead of us – you might want to update at least part of your winter sporting outfit.


Hard and soft shell jackets, ski pants and wooly hats – all from REI. Winter sporting gear is expensive, but if this is something that you like to do, make sure that you have fabulous gear for the sport that you love.