Black – stylish, chic, versatile, slimming and sophisticated – is often our first choice when it comes to a woolen winter coat. However, for pet owners, busy Mums and frequent travelers, there couldn’t be a less practical choice. Black shows dog and cat hair, lint and drool more than any other colour. Not a good thing when our goal is to look polished.

What are the alternatives?

Choose printed patterns, tweedy weaves or mottled plain colours instead. These choices will divert the eye’s attention away from the odd stain you are bound to incur. Lint and pet hair are barely noticeable on fabric that is already busy.

Keep your black coat for special occasions and invest in something more hard-wearing for everyday use. Keep it tailored and you will still look chic.


Practical and stylish: “mottled” grey (Marc Jacobs) and plain brown (DKNY) herringbone tweed coat selections, available at Nordstrom.