With the look of a men’s tux, but tailored for a women’s body, the tuxedo suit is a timeless dressy suit option for the party season. There are tuxedo suits everywhere at the moment, and the look couldn’t be easier to put together. It’s suited to most body types and won’t date (Calvin Klein and Donna Karan include tuxedo suits in their holiday collections every season). 

Here’s what to do once you have your suit:

  • Add a fitted white tuxedo shirt and let the cuffs and hem peep out from underneath the jacket. Throw in a pair of glittery cuff-links for extra panache.
  • Add a colorful shiny camisole for a more festive look.
  • Wear the suit on its own, and add a shiny handkerchief.
  • Wear cropped shorts instead of slacks as a cooler alternative in warmer climates

Keep the look extremely tailored to ensure elegance and femininity. Keep the accessories girly with pretty heels and a dainty evening bag. Now blow them away with your chic, comfortable and confident sense of style!

Tuxedo suits from Banana Republic, Classiques Entier (available at Nordstrom), and Ralph Lauren.