Some fashions from recent seasons will still work this Autumn, but others won’t. Here’s my opinion on what stays in the wardrobe and what goes into storage. 

Keep in your wardrobe:

  • Military jackets and coats 
  • Victorian and vintage blouses
  • Preppy looks
  • Long flat boots
  • Metallic accessories (belts, bags and shoes, especially if they have gold hardware)
  • Animal prints (either in clothing or accessories)
  • Boot leg pants and jeans (don’t think that you can’t wear them just because “skinny” is in)
  • Black pieces (I do not encourage a wardrobe full of black clothing, but black is the “it” colour this season. If ever you looked stylish in black – it would be over the next 6 months. Be mindful of the fact that not everyone looks good in black – the colour has to suit you.)

Store to (perhaps) wear another day:

  • Cowboy boots (unless you are a Texan)
  • Folkloric dresses
  • Ponchos (unless you are pregnant, and then without any form of fringe)
  • Bohemian and gypsy tops (which includes tie dye)
  • Front tie shrugs (unless they have kimono sleeves and are in a very loose home spun knit)
  • Shorter length knitted tops, knitwear and shirts  (unless you are able to layer newer longer lengths underneath them, they’ll look dated)
  • Embellished jeans

Stay tuned on how to create updated looks for autumn with what you already have in your wardrobe. All you’ll need to do is add the new seasons’ luster to those existing favourites!