French fashion has been inspirational for centuries and is best known internationally through exclusive brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gaultier. But there is a lot more to French fashion then unaffordable designer-wear. Another one of my favourite places to shop is Morgan de Toi, which translated into English means “Morgan for you”.

Morgan offers exclusively creative items for women which are at the cutting edge of fashion, and that are displayed in an up market environment. The Morgan spirit is an identifiable French style that seeks to accentuate femininity and reflect seduction.

Along with the romantic connotations of anything French, the Morgan label is about “the spirit of desire and seduction.”  Their clothing is sexy, slinky, sensual, contemporary and glamorous. They target confident 18–45 year old women with an alluring sense of style. Their sizes are very suited to petite small frames, which is why the second largest contributor to profits has been the Asian market (France being the first). They offer fully coordinated collections but specialize in knitted tops, knitwear, lingerie and accessories.

The playful and cheeky attitude of the brand is reflected in all of its items. This niche sets them apart from competitors  like Zara and Mango. What is most fantastic about the Morgan experience is their affordable prices. If you are feeling flirtatious and fancy a bit of affordable French fashion – be sure to pop into a Morgan store. You are sure to get an “ooh la la” from someone when you wear any one of their pieces.

The closest comparison to Morgan in the United States is Bebe – but then with an abundance of French flair. You’ll find Morgan stores all over Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada and Central America.