Ordinarily I would have suggested that you stop buying summer items and concentrate on getting your autumn and winter wardrobes updated (and vice versa if you happen to be living in the southern hemisphere). This is because the retail cycle forces you to think a season ahead. However, there are three instances in which you should still be sifting through end of season summer rails:

  1. If you expect to have at least 2-3 more months of hot weather
  2. If you are planning a warm weather holiday in the middle of winter
  3. If you can make those summer items work for you in autumn

With specific reference to the last point, find guidelines below on how to make a few summer sale items more versatile and less seasonal:

  • Girly tops are great on their own in summer with a pair of walk shorts; and just as sweet in autumn with jeans, boots and a fitted piece of knitwear or cropped jacket.
  • Denim walk shorts, despite their breeziness, will be warm enough when it gets colder if you wear them with long boots, a turtle neck and a long sleeved cropped military jacket or coat.
  • Fitted collared shirts with sleeves of any length can be layered with camisole underneath, cardigan or pullover on top and any form of jacket or coat over that. It’s an especially good idea to buy white.
  • Knitted wrap dresses are sexy with heels, and just as gorgeous in autumn with long boots, a denim jacket or cropped piece of knitwear. Consider wearing a knitted knee length dress over a pair of leggings or jeans if you are a dash more daring.
  • Jailbird striped knitted tops are still a big statement next season, and can certainly be layered appropriately for chilly temperatures.
  • Any black, cream, grey or red item of clothing is going to keep you current now and in the next 6 months. 
  • Jeans are always a good investment!

Reinventing our summer items in autumn outfits is one way to get the most out of our wardrobe.


The versatile walk short (left) and jailbird stripe pullover (right) work for both summer and autumn/winter dressing.