Smelling delicious every day is feminine and polished. To find a fragrance that suits us is not always easy. Once we’ve found it, we’ll want to apply it correctly so that we get maximum mileage out of our pricey purchase. Expert opinions differ on the subject, but here are my two cents worth:

  • Choice of fragrance – perfume smells differently when worn on the skin so it’s best not to rely on the whiff from a bottle. Skin acidity (affected by skin type, age and hormones) also affects the smell of a fragrance once applied. What smells nice on a mate might not smell nice on you and vice versa. A fragrance takes almost an hour to develop fully so don’t go on first impressions. There are no rules to follow here – if you like a scent, apply it to the outside of your hand and see what it’s like after an hour. Don’t try more than 2 at once – your nasal senses will get confused.
  • Oily versus dry skin – dry skin does not absorb perfume as well as oily skin does. Perfume therefore lasts longer on skin that is not dry. Fragrances are absorbed like moisturizer because they contain oil. If you have dry skin, you might want to reapply your scent half way through the day.
  • Cold versus hot – fragrances will last longer in hotter weather because of the moisture in the air and on you skin. You’ll need to wear more scent in colder weather.
  • Correct application – a fragrance will last it’s longest when applied to pulse points such as the wrists, folds of the elbow, base of the neck and cleavage. Experts have suggested that the back of the knees and ankles are also good areas. I like to apply my perfume at the back of if my hairline. This is especially effective if you have long hair that you keep down because the scent travels through your hair, giving off a whiff every time you move your head.
  • Rubbing your wrists together – do not rub your wrists together after you’ve sprayed your fragrance as this will flatten the scent.
  • Mixing scents – scents should not compete. When you wear deodorant and body lotion, make sure that the scents are either the same as that of your fragrance, or wear odourless options.
  • Sealing in your scent – using scented soaps and lotions that are the same as your perfume will make it last twice as long. Spray your scent first and then follow with the scented moisturizer.
  • Spraying your clothes and jewelry – good quality perfumes will not stain your clothes but may ruin costume jewelry (the alcohol content can strip a layer off your pearls as well).   It’s a good idea to spray your clothes instead of your skin if you are sensitive. If I’m wearing a collared shirt or girly top – I like to spray the collar instead of my neck.

You can either invest in an assortment of fragrances that you like to wear depending on your mood and the climate; or you can stick to one that you wear all the time. If you haven’t managed to find a fragrance that you love – take yourself to the fine fragrance counter of any department store as soon as possible!