What are “gladiator thongs”? I am being asked this question frequently and thought it best to clarify because I refer to them quite often. No, this isn’t a style of underwear that was popular in Roman times. It is a sandal.

Thong sandal: generic term used to describe a sandal that has a strap of sorts between your big and second toe. “Flip-flops” are a type of thong.

The gladiator thong is a Grecian/Roman inspired flat style sandal (Russell Crowe must have been quite the inspiration!). Because of its versatility, this thong is the “it” sandal for summer. It will cover many bases because you’ll be able to dress it up or down:

  • Kick your swimwear up a notch – pretty beaded thongs are a lot more “Saint Tropez” then plastic flip flops.
  • Kick your jeans up a notch – substitute heels for pretty metallic thongs – you’ll look more relaxed, yet just as lady-like.
  • Ideal for white pants – gladiator thongs are the perfect summer sandal for white pants.
  • Super with walk shorts – they’ll instantly dress up a pair of walk shorts if you add a cropped jacket as well.
  • Good for dresses – I’ve also found them ideal for flirty knee length dresses – just enough prettiness and without the heel.

Flat, slightly wedged, bejeweled, beaded, metallic, strappy, lace-up or ethnic – gladiator thongs are stylish this season and it’s a good idea to have a pair in your wardrobe. If you’re only after one pair, I’d recommend a metal. Update those flip flops, show off that glossy pedicure and love your pretty feet!


Examples of Gladiator things from Nine West, who have started their summer sale.