It is common to buy jeans that fit our bodies perfectly everywhere but on the waistline. This is especially true for pretty, pair shaped ladies with tiny torsos. A fashionable wide belt threaded through the belt loops of our jeans usually solves the problem. However, trendy longer length knitted tops and T’s pulled down to just over our hip bones don’t look nice with bulky belts showing through. The solution is simple: take off the belt. But when we do, we constantly find ourselves pulling our jeans up – which isn’t so stylish.

 So what are we to do? I’ve found 2 solutions:

  • Belt your longer length T or top at the hip in true ‘80’s fashion. This is especially effective with elasticized belts. You won’t find yourself pulling your jeans up when you walk. You will however need to straighten the ensemble every time you get up from sitting down.
  • Have the waistband on your jeans tailored. I‘ve just done this to a few pairs of jeans and it was money well spent (about $20 a pair). No pulling, bulging or straightening anymore.  The effect is especially noticeable on the day that you wear your jeans again without having popped them into the wash. Jeans tend to grow the more you wear them, which makes altering the waistband an even better idea.

Tailoring an existing pair of jeans is still going to be less expensive than buying another pair – you won’t be sorry!