Being stylish does not mean following every fashion trend. In fact, it’s unstylish to wear fashion for the sake of it when it’s unflattering for your body type.  The skinny pant has returned and has been all the rage on catwalk runways since autumn. The item has filtered down to high fashion stores and we will continue to see this trend as long as the 80’s remain an inspiration to top international fashion houses.

The skinny pant is difficult to wear and fails to look elegant even on supermodels. The look is completely contrary to my “perfect pant length theory”, with hems tapered at the ankle and high heeled shoes or flats left completely exposed. Those of you who were teenagers or older during the ‘80’s will recognize this statement as a blast from the past – and an unsightly one at that! The difference, however, is that the skinny pant is not “mainstream” today like it was 25 years ago. It’s an ultra high fashion option for fashion slaves. Something new for straight-up-and-down lanky teenagers and girls in their twenties.

Bottom line: There is little chance of anybody being flattered by tapered jeans and pants.

Low slung slim fitting straight leg pants are fine if you have the boyish body to accompany them; but opting for boot cuts will raise your level of elegance. There are more options for different body types each season – boycott those skinny pants if they’re not for you!


For supermodels or fashion slaves: skinny pant options from Urban Outfitters and Arden B.