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Fashion News Roundup: Week 4, 2015

by Inge
A major Yves Saint Laurent exhibition in the UK, Target’s new plus-size clothing line, an interesting Clare Vivier collaboration, and other fashion news that made headlines this week.

Fun Fashion Fact

Did you know that Helmut Lang is now a visual artist. The Austrian designer, who left fashion for good in 2005, repurposed materials salvaged from a fire at his studio to create sculptures that are on view at a SoHo gallery until February, 21. 

Angie's latest top picks

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Ensemble: Tomato Red, Light Blue & White

by Angie

This ensemble was inspired by my own wardrobe pieces and my love for the combination of tomato red, light blue and white. Since the blue is light, the combination is less nautical and less evocative of the American flag than it would be with a darker blue. There are many ways to combine the palette and I’ve started the ball rolling with four examples. None of these ensembles are particularly dressy, but they are quite versatile. Faded denim can be used as the light blue component of the ensemble, and white footwear is an easy way to incorporate the white accents. I’ve chosen solids, but feel free to incorporate patterns that work with the palette. 

Red Pants & Denim Shirt

Pair red trousers with a faded denim, chambray or light blue shirt. Tuck or partially tuck the shirt into the trousers, and finish off the look with white belt, footwear and bag. I’ve chosen high-vamped white loafers because they look trendier than pumps when combined with ankle length tuxedo trousers. 

Red Skirt & Light Blue Sweater

Pair a red skirt with a light blue sweater and finish off the outfit with white heels and bag. I’ve chosen a cropped sweater to wear with the A-line skirt, but feel free to wear a longer welted style. By all means pair a pencil skirt with a roomy light blue sweater that’s partially tucked in front. Or switch out the sweater for a light blue blouse, shirt or tee. Ankle strap pumps look particularly elegant with a midi skirt so that’s my top choice. 

Red Top & Faded Jeans 

Pair a red pullover or blouse with faded blue jeans. Add white footwear and bag and Bob’s your uncle. I’ve chosen a roomy sweater with an asymmetrical hem to wear untucked over a pair of denim flares for a fun ‘70s vibe. But choose any style of faded blue jeans and match them with a red top that works with the style. I’ve chosen white pumps because heels work best with flared leg openings. 

Blue top, White Jeans and Red Bag

If you like the idea of tomato red, but want to keep its visual impact to a minimum, choose it as the accent colour. Allow the light blue and white to do the talking. Pair white jeans with a light blue blouse, shirt or pullover. Add white shoes, metallic shoes, or colour blocked black and white shoes. The red bag is all you need in the tomato red department. Turn the outfit upside down and wear faded blue jeans with a white top, white shoes and red bag. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

Pair a red dress with a faded denim jacket. Pop a red jacket over a column of faded denim. Combine red trousers with a white top and light blue jacket, like denim, wool or seersucker. There are many ways to wear this colour palette.

Ensemble: Tomato Red, Light Blue & White

Link Love: The Future of the Traditional Watch

by Inge

With the Apple Watch being released later this year, Tech Crunch is wondering How the Watch Industry Will Save Itself. The article also contains interesting info about the history of the traditional watch.

Meanwhile TAG Heuer has announced it is developing its own smartwatch that will not be 100% “Swiss Made”. Because “Switzerland lacks the technological expertise to do so itself”, the company will work with partners in Silicon Valley to produce the hardware and software.

A Euromonitor International Report from October 2014 opined that current smartwatches “are unlikely to challenge the global growth of traditional watches.” I am very curious to see how this will play out over the next few years.

Fab Links from Our Members

Gradfashionista enjoyed this piece about layering. She said: “The outfits are beautiful and the use of neutral colours alone helps make the effect of layering more apparent. Modern, simple and classic.”

Catherine shows us 8 ways to wear tall cognac boots. They bookend her hair perfectly, and Angie loves all the renditions. 

UmmLila thought that the insights in “How Orthodox Judaism’s Law of Modesty Gave Me a Sense of Style“ are of interest not only to people who dress modestly for religious reasons or otherwise, but to everyone who wants to make the trends work for themselves.

Ummlila also found this article that asks if the athleisure trend could be on its way out. What do you think?

Shipskitty reports that a major exhibition of the fashion of Yves Saint Laurent will be staged at the Bowes Museum in County Durham later this year.

Approprio would like to share some eye candy from Tommy Ton at the 2015 Fall men’s shows in Milan.

On the forum, we’ve been discussing heel height and a woman’s right to choose. Suz came across a Canadian entrepreneur who has taken Paris by storm with her innovative shoes that come with interchangeable heels in various heights and styles — all named, with sly humour, for men.

NZ Nicola feels inspired to get the sewing machine out again after browsing Marcy’s blog, Oonaballoona.

Jackiec is fascinated by the concept of cleaning your jeans in the freezer.

Shevia is intrigued by the fact that some Lilly Pulitzer fans feel betrayed by the brand for bringing out a capsule collection for Target. They worry that this will “dilute the value of their carefully curated purchases.”


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Trend: High-Rise Cropped Pants

by Angie

Cropped pants with low and mid rises have been mainstream for three years and are still very fashionable. But their high-rise cousins, as seen below, are more of a fringe trend. They have a waistband at — or close to — the natural waist (the narrowest part of your waist). This accentuates the curve from waist to hip. 

Silhouettes can be tailored, fluid or baggy. Lengths can be cropped to the ankle, or raised a few inches shorter than that. Hem widths may not be super tapered, but they are tapered and not straight or flared. Fabrics are usually woven with a little stretch. Styles can be patterned or solid.

I much prefer the higher rise on a cropped pant because it lengthens the leg if you tuck (or partially tuck) the top in front, or wear a cropped top. This offsets the leg shortening nature I’m particularly sensitive to with cropped pant styles. Of course, wear a regular length top untucked with this style and you won’t get the same visually lengthening benefits. 

This leg lengthening strategy is helpful as long as you’re fine defining the waist and accentuating the hip curve. The look will probably be of little interest to you if you’re uncomfortable drawing attention to your waistline and prefer silhouettes that are drapey and roomy on the torso. Note that you don’t need a straight body to wear this style. NOT AT ALL. Curvy pear and hourglass figures look spectacular in high rises as long as the waistband fits (an alteration may be in order). 

You can further lengthen the leg line by wearing high-vamped footwear that visually joins the foot to the pant, like booties or sandals and pumps with ankle straps. All of the examples I have used here show cropped pants with high-vamped footwear. Although most of the footwear is heeled, flat high-vamped footwear works well too. The outfits with low contrast footwear are more elongating than those with high contrast footwear.

Side entry pockets are generally in a better position on high-rise pants styles because the linings don’t show through on the fronts of the pants, clinging onto your thighs (that drives me batty). The higher position of the lining settles into the curves of the hips and doesn’t show through at all. 

Although I do not enjoy wearing high-rise jeans, I like wearing high-rise non-denim pants because the fabric is soft, the zipper more flexible, and the waistband less stiff. I was drawn to Topshop’s floral scuba cigarette trouser because I liked the pattern, the thickness of the fabric, and the sleekness of the style. With a tucked top or a cropped pullover, I can wear a pair of pants cropped to this length with flats and feel like it’s a flattering combination.

Vince Camuto Crop Stretch Cotton High Waist PantsTopshop Floral Print Cigarette TrousersTopshop Floral Scuba Cigarette Trousers

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Topshop Snakeskin Cigarette Trousers

Mango Crepe Baggy TrousersMango Hoop Belt Trousers

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Nordstrom Roundup: Hints of Spring

by Angie

Brand new Spring 2015 collections have started to hit the stores. Retailers have opened up with tomato red, citron, shades of blue and fresh patterns. Of course, there are plenty of other colours so be sure to browse through the options. 

Two of these items followed me home. The black short sleeved mock turtleneck is a no-brainer wardrobe essential that I can pair with trousers, jeans and skirts. I might consider duplicating the same style in white or turquoise. But the floral scuba cigarette trousers are an unexpected purchase because of their high rise and cropped length (more tomorrow about why they worked for me). These two items, as long as I partially or fully tuck the top, actually look great together.

You can also view the items with their descriptions on the collection page.