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Style is not a dress size.

Fashion News Roundup: Week 51, 2014

by Inge
The most googled fashion trend of 2014, a new Pierre Cardin museum, New York Fashion Week is leaving Lincoln Center, and other style news from around the world this week.

Fun Fashion Fact

Did you know that winkle pickers, sometimes also referred to as “pikes”, got their name from the exaggerated pointy toe, which reminded people of the pin used to extract winkles from their shells.

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Ensemble: Casual Neutrals with Snow Boots

by Angie
Snow boots are a lot more fashionable than they used to be, and can look quite stylish when paired with the right casual support act. This outfit formula was inspired by two street style examples that I saw on Pinterest.

Repeating the colours of the snow boots as accents in other parts of the outfit is one way of pulling together the look. That way your outfit will look fashionably intentional, and you’ll feel more polished despite the clompy snow boots. 

I created two outfits to get you started. The one on the left is a little more sporty and casual because of the puffer coat and extra bulky snow boots. The outfit on the right is slightly dressier with a wool coat and more streamlined duck boots. Both outfits are about pairing very warm, chunky knitwear with jeans and their support acts. 

A Column of Colour with Textural Accents 

It’s easy to create an almost-all-black look with a black puffer coat. Combine black jeans with a chunky black pullover, black puffer, and black snow boots. The furry liners are key to the outfit because of their textural interest, which breaks up the black. Furthermore, the fur adds a set of light neutral tones that can be repeated elsewhere in the outfit, like in the trim of the coat’s hood. The white stripes of the boots are repeated in the knitted hat and trim of the mittens. Finish off the look with a bag of your choice.

You can break up the column of colour by wearing a white or taupe pullover to match the fur of the boots. Or add a scarf in those lighter neutral shades. 

Although I’ve used black here, you can create a column of colour with a pair of dark blue jeans, a navy pullover, ink blue puffer coat, and navy snow boots. Pick up the colours of the trim of the snow boots as accent colours in the rest of the outfit. 

Grey & Brown with Textural Accents

Snow boots work just as well with wool coats (if those keep you adequately warm in a snowy climate). Combine a pair of blue jeans with a chunky grey pullover, a grey wool coat, and brown duck boots. The two-toned brown duck boots are key because they allow you to repeat those shades in the rest of the outfit. Add a scarf, bag, hat and gloves that pick up the browns of the snow boots. Finish off the look with jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired. 

I used grey and brown in the second outfit, but you can choose other colours. As long as you repeat the colours of the snow boots in other parts of the outfit, you’ll create a cohesive look. 

Wear thermal underwear, woolly long socks, and toe and hand warmers for extra warmth. And thaw with plenty of hot drinks and snacks indoors when the layers come off.

Casual Neutrals with Snow Boots

Link Love: Winter Street Style

by Inge

Popsugar brings us 20 Ways to Layer Yourself to Warmth.

I also enjoyed browsing StyleCaster’s 25 Stylish Winter Outfits From Pinterest to Copy Now. I especially liked the use of the scarf (beautiful blues) in look 3, the combination of the browns with the silver booties in 9, the loafers with gold detail in 11, and the pinstripe trousers in 16.

Bill Cunningham’s video on Holiday Magic has great visuals of what people in New York City are wearing in colder temps. Plus, hearing the smile in Mr. Cunningham’s voice and his enthusiastic “wonderfuls” just put me in a good mood.

Fab Links from Our Members

Does it feel warmer outside if you are wearing a great outfit? Karie enjoyed these visuals, and says: “If I was wearing the fun and fabulously preppy-stylish plaid dress in pic #7, it certainly would.”

Vildy enjoyed Simona’s blog post in which she matches different style personas with different colour palettes.

After reading this article about being an “In-Betweener” in fashion, Deb feels this is just going too far and believes we need to get rid of all these categories.

Sylvia put together many fabulous outfits for a mild Winter with the same pair of flat pewter booties. Angie loves the light neutrals statement, the slouch, the countless asymmetrical hemlines, pop of pattern and waist-surrendering silhouettes. Modern, comfortable, chic, and interesting. The softness that is apparent in these outfits is particularly appealing to Angie as she is not a Hard-Edge gal.

Dimity came across this interesting post about how, in a move away from ‘more is more’, curating a small but fabulous wardrobe is the new luxury.


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Trend: The Big Patterned Cardigan

by Angie

My clients with a bohemian aspect to their style, across all heights and body types, are enjoying big, patterned cardigans. These unstructured cardigans are fluid or oversized, patterned and very warm and cosy. They’re available in tunic and maxi lengths with long or three quarter sleeves. 

Most of the patterns are in high contrast colours, which makes them extra bold. But subtle patterns in low contrast colours work just as well. I tend to prefer the look in neutrals. I also prefer them in shorter lengths for my petite clients.

The big patterned cardigan is typically a very casual piece, especially when it’s in a chunky knit. The more streamlined maxi styles in finer gauges look a little dressier, but they are still quite casual.

The silhouette is a slam dunk with slim-fit jeans or pants and boots, as a way of adding structure to the outfit. But I also really like the big cardigan matched with the leather midi skirt and peep-toe booties. It’s unexpected and just a little dressier. Makes me think that the big patterned cardigan could look great over a dress worn with booties. I also like the graphic maxi cardigans that look a little less boho, like the colour blocked style from Leith.

I prefer pullovers, so this trend is not for me. But I do like the look on my clients and on the models below. It’s well suited to a very casual lifestyle, has a fresh and fun ‘70s appeal, and is one way to add drama to a stay- or work-at-home look. It’s also practical because it camouflages the unexpected stain, is an easy pull-on-and-go topper, and is more comfortable than a tailored coat.

What’s your verdict on this trend? Will you be wearing big pattered cardigans?

Joie Tosca CardiganGlamorous Knit Cardigan

Just Female Fola Knit CardiganFree People Hidden Snowflake CardiganMes Demoiselles Jimmy Long CardiganSea Oversized Plaid Cardigan

BY MALENE BIRGER Nilloy Jacquard Cardigan

Leith Colorblock Long Cardigan

Rebel Chic

Jean Druesedow

The Sartorialist: Closer

Scott Schuman

The Truth About Style

Stacy London

kate spade new york

Deborah Lloyd

You Are What You Wear

Jennifer Baumgartner

Buyer’s Guide: The Best Boots in Snow

by Angie

I know very little about snow boots because they aren’t a Winter wearing necessity in my neck of the woods. But for many who live through very snowy Winters, snow boots are an important part of the footwear capsule. So I asked our savvy forum members for snow boot recommendations and I’ve summarised their extremely helpful suggestions here.  

Tips to get you started:  

  • Different types of snow boots are required in urban, suburban and rural settings. The deeper the snow, the more heavy duty the boot. And the easier it should be to slip on and off the foot because you really don’t want to fuss with complicated laces in the bitter cold. 
  • Some members noted that they wear different boots for dry snow, wet snow and when it’s actively snowing. So it’s not uncommon to have several pairs of snow boots to suit different conditions. 
  • You may need to size up half a size to allow for the thickness of extra warm socks. 
  • A thick and waterproof sole is essential because the cold comes up through the sole.
  • Choose your shaft height carefully, especially when you’re petite. Taller shaft heights provide more leg coverage but can also restrict movement. It’s sometimes easier to walk in shorter snow boots with waterproof snow pants. 
  • Roomy toe boxes are essential because they’re warmer than snug toe boxes. 
  • Toe and foot warmers provide extra toasty insulation. 

The styles here have been tried and tested, and come highly rated by the members of our forum who wear snow boots for a good part of Winter. I’ve organized the styles into brands for easy reference. Each style has multiple colour options so do check them all out. And check out the reviews on each website too. 

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean duck boots are extremely popular and backordered till April. WOW. Their sleeker appearance makes them the more fashionable option, which may be why they are the flavour of the season. The boots are lightweight, warm, streamlined, and probably best for urban snowy and slushy settings. My goodness, don’t they look lovely in white, which are the ones I would try if snow boots were on my shopping list. L.L Bean’s easy slip-on Storm Chasers are good for two to three inches of snow. Gaiters are excellent for very deep snow because they can be easier to walk in than snow boots with taller shafts. 


Sorel snow boot styles were highly rated by most forum members because they are extremely warm, weatherproof and robust. Their accentuated arch support is great if that’s what you need. They can run a little wide, which can compromise the fit for low volume feet. They are heavy, and are apparently not suitable to high insteps. But if you find a pair of Sorels that work for your feet, you probably won’t be disappointed. Some of the styles look very fashionable. 



Kamiks were also very highly rated for the coldest and snowiest of conditions because they are extra lightweight, waterproof, warm and affordable. They can run short in the toe box, so you might need to size up half a size. 


Columbia snow boots weren’t quite as popular as Sorels or L.L. Bean duck boots, but those who have them were extremely pleased with their comfort level and warmth factor. 


Timberlands are available in wide widths and work especially well for very high volume feet. They aren’t heavy duty enough for the heaviest of snowstorms, but are super with ski socks in light snow or ice. Exceptionally good grip and fantastically lightweight. They are also available in fun colours, and look quite fashionable. A fab option if you don’t want to wear a tall boot. 


Bogs were mentioned less often, but were highly rated by some forum members. If they fit your foot and leg, they are excellent for snowy outdoor activities. They are probably too wide for narrow calves. They come in fun patterns and colours and are an easy slip-on style. 


Uggs are particularly suited to high insteps and narrower calf widths. They also kept members with Raynaud’s phenomenon (reduced blood flow in response to cold) adequately warm, which I believe is quite an achievement. You might need to size up half a size because the toe boxes are short. 

UGG Elsa
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UGG Darcie
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UGG Elsa
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UGG Brooks
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Teva is another brand that is apparently excellent for feet with Raynaud’s. The Jordanelles have interior lining that serves as slippers. So you can leave the snowy outer layer of the boot by the door, and walk in the inners at home.


Pajar was a relatively new brand of snow boot for our forum members. The boots are less supportive than others, but a lot more streamlined in appearance, and quite lightweight. Some of the styles remind me of duck boots. They’re definitely worth a look. 

La Canadienne, Blondo, Aquatalia and Rieker

La Canadienne, Blondo, Aquatalia and Rieker boots are much dressier and more fashionable. While they do keep your feet dry in mild snow, they aren’t warm enough for extremely cold weather and deeper snow. They are brilliant for Seattle, where it’s very wet and the snow is generally light and shallow. 

Do read the forum thread for extra details about the best brands and styles of snow boots, and many thanks to our members for generously providing the information. I’ve learned a lot, and now have a much better idea about how to go about purchasing the best snow boots. Feel free to ask questions and to add your recommendations to the list.