For many years I have "simplified" dressing by adopting a uniform : light coloured tops/blouses ; black trousers/skirts ; cardigan/jacket : usually black.

Everything "goes" with everything but my husband has started asking if I am going to a funeral when I turn up in yet another black/white outfit.

I don't make New Year resolutions as a rule but this year I have decided to add COLOUR to my wardrobe. Although I am 88, or perhaps because I am 88, I need some colour in my wardrobe, and in my life.

I love jade green: turquoise: certain shades of red and I have now purchased cardigans in these shades. Here in the UK cardigans could almost be part of our National Costume! They are so useful under jackets, or on their own. I have also started looking at jackets, particularly jackets by Gerry Weber and Missoni as both have unusual patterns and colour combinations.

Is there someone reading this who has made a similar vow? I'd love to see your colour choices, please. as I do need a little help.