Lol, re. your husband. And wow, the turquoise looks so beautiful on you! Also, love your hair I like the idea of starting with colour cardigans...

Thank you ALL so much for your encouraging remarks. I am now having my hair done twice a week and shopping from my wardrobe. Latter isn't absolutely necessary but it helps me sort out what I really like. ( That could be a new post, methinks!).

At 42, I feel like a kindred spirit! I love those colors too, and lucky for us, all the jewel tones really pop with black and white. I also feel like a kindred spirit because when I was in my 20s and met my husband, I generally wore all black, and he started calling me "Johnny Cash". That goaded me into wearing color and I have never looked back! Sometimes when I appear in a fuchsia coat with pink pants, a navy top, and silver purse, I'll remind him that it is his fault that I now dress like an extra from Pee Wee's Playhouse.

Lesley, my oldest is 59!

Your post made me laugh! Actually I love Johnny Cash.

Here's another colour to accompany my shiny, unmade-up face!!

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Oh, another lovely colour on you! I also love the pretty collar of your blouse.

Absolutely lovely, and the colour gives you such brightness you don't need a stitch of makeup. The blue was gorgeous on you too - these bright cool colours are wonderful. I think navy would also be a fabulous neutral - although I'm biased because I love navy

I know you're younger, but Queen Elizabeth is an amazing colour role model if cool brights are your thing - as is Duchess Kate - if you ever need inspiration!

Pretty much my favorite shade of pink!

Thank you, ALL, yet again.

Toronto girl: I'm Princess Margaret's age, actually, so noting what the Queen is wearing isn't a bad idea!!! Years ago I was colour-analysed : light, bright, cool! My hair hasn't changed that much over the years so I guess my analysis still holds.
Love the way the Duchess of Cambridge dresses and I have a sneaking admiration for Joan Collins. She finds casual dressing "difficult" she admits in one of her books.

The Cat: I love "Eastex" blouses . Well I am in the UK.

Lesley: I always think my nose gets that shade!!Tend not to wear it.