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Today's painting is "Dora Maar with Cat." The painting, as the name reveals, depicts Dora Maar seated on a chair. She replaced Marie-Therese (the subject of Wednesday's painting) as Picasso's lover and muse. She was an important emotional and political influence in Picasso's life and features prominently in his paintings from late 30s and 40s. There is a small, black cat behind her right shoulder (i.e. on the left side of the picture) perched on the back of the chair.The whole scene is taking place against an empty room with white walls (with light blue accents). As with some of Picasso's early cubist paintings, the figure has a faceted quality to it. That is, instead of a single plane, the figure is depicted as if it exists on multiple planes at the same time. In contradistinction to Marie-Therese, whom Picasso depicted as a blonde, round, plump figure, and in bright, cheery pictures, Dora is Picasso's dark muse. She has long black hair. Her skin tone is captured with a mixture of gray, blue, burgundy and even lime green. She is wearing a green hat with red flowers. Her hands rest on the respective arms of the dark brown chair with a straw seat. Picassa took pains to depict her long fingers and very very long, talon-like fingernails. Dora is wearing what appears to be a striped top in various shades of dark green. She is also sporting a polka dotted skirt, in various colors:Black, red, violet, purple,peach/orange. All of these colors appear either as background or as polka dots in one of the planes of the skirt.

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