Bella, it honestly hasn't been as bad in terms of colors as I thought it might be (granted, I've taken a couple liberties). It was interesting looking at the initial list of 10 photos and noticing how about half of them were full of warm muted colors while the other half were dominated by cool colors with lots of black and white. I didn't realize it until now, but I do tend to like Van Gogh's colors, whereas I generally have very mixed feelings about Picasso (colors and everything else).

Such a fabulous thread full of amazing, bold style! Lounge wear for me today, working at home, so it's great to see so many of you stepping it up :). Looking forward to tomorrow's lavender and green color palette.

Everybody gets more and more creative with each passing day of this challenge!
cloud9, I hope you dare to wear this outfit to work because it is fab!

Lavinia, you make a very stylish witch! Those leggings are amazing!

Rae, I adore that red skirt and a cat pin of course!

Heather, those polka dot shorts are so adorable!

Polly, what a cool bracelet! Stripes and animal print together - what a fun mix!

MaryK, that picture's color scheme was right up your alley and you look completely appropriate for the Bar Association (whatever that can be :-))

Vani, I know only too well what do you mean about the laundry basket.:-) However you interpretation stellar with those repeated dots in the dress, scarf and bracelet. And of course that green color is divine on you!

Ornela, you totally rock that "stewardess" look and you analysis of your outfit makes such an interesting reading.

Denise, attitude is the main part of your interpretation - love it!

AJ, I missed your posts. That fab hat - no wonder you came out for this particular painting!

Krish, you stepped out of your comfort zone in such style!

Aida, that outfit is my absolute favorite! If my age and legs allow to wear short shorts I would copy you in a heartbeat. Amazingly cool!

Kate, even if you do not wear these colors you used patterns and textures to capture the spirit of this painting. Very creative!

Bella, including pink you made your outfit truly unique for this challenge. Your color combination is the most subdued of all interpretations which makes it stand out.

That was fun, thanks Bella for organizing this challenge!

Bah, I wish I could comment on everything - y'all must think I am a poor reciprocator. :T I'll take what I can get and say it's a great pick me up looking through all the fun outfits that came out of this challenge! We're going strong - one more work day to go!

Ornela -- I think this challenge has brought out a new aspect of your style. It is classic yet simple and bold. The simplicity and boldness make your looks modern and minimalist which I find very exciting. I think this is a fab direction for your style to take. With your dark hair, fair skin, and height, the bold color blocking is quite dramatic. I love seeing people's style evolve on YLF!

AJ -- I love the skirt you have on, it is perfect.

OK, this should be titled "Cheer up, Dora Maar". I didn't really include very many elements, but the yellow shoes remind me of the color of the skin tones.

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Jenava! I love it! Minimalism at its best!

(Psst, Sveta: The Bar Association is the local professional association for lawyers.)

haha, Jeneva, it's perfect!

Maybe that could be our next picture perfect challenge, taking famous images of women and making them HAPPY!

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Oh dear... Kate, I too am already thinking along those lines - next challenge Bring it on I say.

Sveta, thanks for asking about Bar Association I too was confused and somehow figured out what it might be.

Denise, you are such darling for providing this analysis of my style. That's exactly what I need and for some time now I was actually contemplating the idea of asking the forum to define me

Haha, Kate just logged on and saw your idea. GREAT idea. When i was reading about Dora Maar I found a quote by Picasso that "women are suffering machines" or something to that effect. Ugh!