Hi all I have a query that I haven’t thought to ask in 3 years here. ATM I am not replying to every post because
1. I am distracted being the sole owner of my family practice business and not only do I need to think about my patients but also my staff and how to protect them and
2. A cultural divide is becoming apparent between more minimalistic Kiwis eg me ( generalisation) and those of you in North America in particular in this pandemic situation re how much to shop but...
3. Sometimes I don’t actually like what some of you are wearing? So I think up until now I have essentially not commented on the outfits I don’t like- mostly, unless I feel I “know” the Fabber reasonably well. Now I don’t think any of you can tell who you are currently because for reasons 1 and 2 above I am commenting less than usual. I know I do appreciate on my own posts when someone is brave enough to be a “spanner in the works” about something I have posted, and once one person has been sometimes others agree. But it is tricky to be first, plus to be kind, accepting, non-discriminatory etc etc. so what do you think?
The topic is at least a change from “What am I wearing at home?”