Just another small point about spending. I’ve frankly been feeling quite useless. I don’t work in healthcare or at a ‘useful’ or essential job. My industry (Telecom) is deemed essential - and some coworkers have been very busy helping to get more people working from home - but my own job has slowed a lot. At the same time we are fortunate to have financial security for the time being, as well as savings that were earmarked for trips we won’t be taking. So - I have sometimes felt that one of the only things I CAN do is spend money. I’m not ordering online and I’m trying to spend mindfully, locally, charitably, and politically. But I get how people living in capitalism might see spending as their contribution at this time.

Just for Jules: yes, the Anzac biscuit is an important part of the Anzac tradition now in both Australia and NZ. Wikipedia has a good article. I used to bake them as a child at home in the 1960s ( born 1961). Quite sweet tasting and yummy, probably a bit sweet for my taste now. It was the golden syrup.

The funny connecting thread that I'm seeing from people's comments here is that the closer two countries are geographically, the more likely they are to have some sort of 'friendly rivalry' going on, where they emphasise their differences compared to one another. You see it with Aussies & Kiwis, Canadians & ...USAers? (why isn't there a good word for them in English other than 'Americans', lol?), Brits & the French... even India & Pakistan are like this, haha. I guess it's human nature to want to be unique...

Rhyming slang for Americans in some parts of Pommy and Aussie is " septic tanks. "

...Hey, I didn't invent the language !

I have giggled at your comments on ankle boots I was once considering, but did take into consideration that some people would see them the way you did. Honestly, the blistering silence here is sometimes deadly.

Wishing you all the best in these tricky times. I’m sincerely glad you have a prime minister who seems genuinely interested in science, best practices, and the well-being of the entire population.

One thing that has impressed me from the first time you posted, and thereafter, is your honest curiosity and genuine feedback. You are a refreshing member of this site. I don’t think you need to worry about coming across as unkind because it is evident that you have no bad motives.

Just a note on the people of the United States being called Americans, I think it comes from the fact that their/your country is the United States of America. They’ve simply taken the last word in the name of their country to identify their citizens, I don’t see any problem with it. We all have a way to identify our country of citizenship. I’ve never thought that it implied a monopoly on North America. Carry on Americans! You have a great country, we have adopted two children from there and we are blessed to have them!