Neel, what a fabulous member of the forum you are! I have truly enjoyed reading through several of your past posts, and getting to know you a bit through them. You are gracious and funny and I love your style. I'm smitten with your colorful wide-leg pants, and your new sleeveless blazer, boyfriend jeans and your general love of saturated colors. I love how you experiment and have fun with fashion!

You recently became a veteran on the forum, even though you've been reading the blog much longer. And you've hinted a bit at some of the changes your style has gone through - especially in this rather old thread (with the pictures hidden, *sob*). I also notice that you have and wear several items that you've had for years, and that you took outfit pictures prior to joining YLF (or so it seemed in the thread linked above).

Ornella has a tradition of showing her style evolution about once a year by updating an outfit (in her case, a dress that she's had for over four years now!) to how she would wear it now. I challenge you to take one or more old outfit pictures (either pre-YLF, or early YLF) and update it (maybe by mixing it with some of your fab new items?) to show a way that your style has changed in the past year (or years). You can use the same item as in the original pic, or just re-create a similar idea with items you wear now. Tell us a little about what has changed (and/or what has stayed the same) in your style in the time span between the two outfits.

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