We've been comparing wear-out statistics in our end of year roundups and reflections and on a couple of threads some of us mentioned that our jeans wear out while others say theirs never do.

Several of us who wear our denim out also wear it a lot more, I suspect—either because we have fewer pairs in our collection (NOT me, ha!) or because we wear jeans more often and for longer periods and possibly in rougher situations.

Last night I sat down to supper and felt an unmistakable riiiiiiiip. Oh no, there they go. My fave high waisted CoH jeans.

I bought these about a year ago on style exchange from forum member Sarah. (Thanks, Sarah!)

Sarah hadn't worn them much so they were in good condition. I would say I wore them an average of 2 days a week -- much less in summer, and more in winter, spring, fall. It would average at about 100 wears.

For reference, they were skinnies but not overly tight. I have large thighs for my size, but my legs don't rub when I walk (or at least I'm never aware of any friction there and don't need slip shorts or similar in summers). Still, I often strain the fabric in the inner thigh area because I tend to sit cross-legged or with knees curled up. Also, when I wear them, I wear them all day as a rule -- not just for a few hours after work.

It's possible that if these jeans were stretchier and softer, I wouldn't strain them as much. I tend to prefer my denim structured with only a bit of stretch and a real denim feel. That means there is less "give." On the other hand, if they were stretchier they might have bagged out or faded too much in the same amount of time.

I could, of course, patch them, but experience tells me this is not a comfortable location for a patch. Luckily, I have a near replacement.

Anyway. Joining Cindy in offering thanks. Thanks dear CoH Rockets, you served me well!

And congratulating those of you who manage to keep your clothes in working order for longer than I do!

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