Blast. RIP Rockets.

Suz, the only pair of jeans I've worn through - on the knees and with HOLES - were my infamous jodhpur jeans. Zero stretch, brittle, tight on the knees, and far too much wearing and laundering!

You're dead right about stretchier jeans wearing through less frequently. But they bag out.....

I DO pass on jeans that look too faded. I seem to fade jeans faster than I like.

High five, Fashintern! Maybe we're all secret kids.

LaPed, I launder just like you do. Never put them in the dryer. I think Gaylene is definitely onto something.

Having said that, mots of my jeans last much longer. This is only the 2nd pair that has worn out within a year of purchase. Most last 2-6 years. But then, most are not my favourites.

Oh DRAT Angie...the infamous jodhpurs are no more ?
I don’t think those could ever be replaced/duplicated

Taylor, I know. *SOBBING*. I retired them 3.5 years ago. They have holes in the knees

I have them in my sentimental pile, of course. NEVER passing them on

Well, that’s a bummer, Suz.

My jeans generally last pretty long, with the exception of the almost-new pair of light blue ones on which I clumsily dumped an entire glass of red wine! That was not the fault of the jeans, though. Nor was it a “wearing out” issue.

I have been a bit dismayed at the rate which a pair of black jeans, purchased in April 2017, are wearing and fading. I always wash them inside out, in cold water, and hang them to dry. Nonetheless, I could really replace them any time. Grey jeans, purchased from the same retailer at the same time, are holding up well, go figure.

So sorry Suz - RIP favorite jeans

I am wearing my primary travel jeans for the last time today. Pulled them out to de-deck the halls, and realized I could see daylight thru the inner thigh. So one last wear before sending them off. First pair I have truly worn out in 5 years,

It is sad to wear out a favorite. But if I’ve really worn them a lot, I think well, I got my money’s worth!

I am sorry about your jeans. Strangely, my COH jeans are the on,y ones bought new that I have worn out. They were in regular rotation with F21, Paige, Joe's and AG jeans. this was pre grandchildren All the other jeans are still going strong. I always wash inside out in cold water and hang to dry after two- four wears. I wonder if it is something with COH.
I had a grade school teacher who would whack our legs hard with a wooden ruler if our feet were not flat on the floor. To this day I can't cross legs, ankles or sit with feet under me. I also learned to sit still.

Oh it’s no mystery to me why my clothes, including jeans, wear out faster than some others here. I mean, I can take a mental coat inventory in 30 seconds: I currently own 4 coats, including my leather moto jacket, and one fairly useless $20 puffer that I haven’t reached for this season. And I live in Canada. I’m not even unhappy with this selection - I have a short wish list, but nothing pressing, such that anything new will have to be pretty great.

Who knew ripped jeans could develop into such an interesting thread! At least two pairs of my favorite jeans have worn out - they started out second hand and then lasted a few years of very frequent wear. Glad you have a stand by pair ready!

I’m very impressed with 100 wears.

Joy, when I was in high school typing class, sitting on the edge of my chair was the easiest way for me to sit ergonomically (although we didn't know that word). The nun who taught the class didn't like it, often threatened to tip my chair and dump me out. She tried it once. Fail!

Thanks for commiserating, all! And for the laughs.

Angie, I'm so sorry about the jodhpur jeans!! Those are irreplaceable! DRAT.

Joy, my other CoH jeans have all held up really well, except for my Racers, which were also much worn favourites. (Those lasted longer than this pair -- 2 years, I think.)

Commiserations Suz - it is awful to say goodbye to favourite jeans, you wrote a lovely tribute to them.

I have only ever had 2 pairs of jeans that I thought were perfect and of course both of these got worn out - rips in the seat are definitely a sign of retirement. I have two pairs of my current favourite jeans, so hoping that I will get bored before their eventual demise.

Didn't read the comments yet, but this is one main reason I hate jeans, my no jeans panst never do that!:-)

ETA. Sorry for tha famous jods, I once have seen you a great pair of jodpuhrs somewhere and think I put up the link for you?:-)

Dang, what a shame! RIP Rockets.

I haven’t had jeans wear out in quite that way in a long, long time, but I think I now tend to retire them before they get to that point. I have a pair at the ranch that are 10+ years old that are probably dangerously close.

Two weeks ago, during the worst of time as our little old dog was ailing, I had such a rotten day it even extended to a trip to the mailbox. Somehow, coming down our driveway (it’s a BIG hill), I managed to lose my footing (i’ll blame a fallen tree branch but I’m not sure whether that’s what turned my ankle or not, and I was wearing flat shoes!) and went down hard on all fours. My right hand and my left knee took most of the impact (I still have a final scab on my palm to show for it), and I was sure it had put a hole in my jeans. I was shocked to see that even though I had enough of a skinned knee to bleed, my jeans were intact — only a little abrasion mark. These were maybe 2 or 3-year-old Paige’s so I was not going to be too gutted to lose them, but I’m always pleasantly surprised when jeans stand up to abuse.

I hope you find your new favorites soon!

I've only ripped two pairs of jeans due to wear, and they were both from Topshop and lasted over 10 years! Both pairs ripped across the thigh under the back pockets, seam to seam. I was hoping to be able to patch them somehow, but the extent of the damage meant that idea was a no-go.

All other jeans I've removed from my wardrobe are due to style or size changes, although I think I'll have to retire my two pairs of light blue bootcuts soon - the lightness means that they stain easily, and I don't think I can pretend they're still clean for much longer!

Janet, I'm so sorry about your fall! Grief does weird things to us -- I always get clumsy when I'm grieving and in shock. And always manage to injure myself.

Thanks, all, for commiseration and inspiration!

**Healing vibes sent to Janet**

Janet, take care of yourself! As Suz says, grieving or similar (depression) can lead to those kinds of falls, dropping things, etc, so be aware and extra careful.

I remember a few years ago I decided to “update” an old pair of True Religion skinny jeans by hacking the hem. Making a cropped raw hem. The next time I wore them they split next to the back pocket, while I was on the bus. Luckily my jacket was long enough to hide my colorful undies.

Anna, oh wow!! That beats my story. At least I was at home! Glad you had a coat for coverage.....

I love that you thanked the Jean's <3

I am going to be devastated if anything happens to my AG jeans, so I can understand your pain. It's HARD to find good jeans that fit like we want, so I'm glad you have a replacement at the ready. That's just super smart

RIP favorite jeans! My jeans don't wear out and rip, but they do fade out. My favorite pair (my old Gap Resolution Slim Straights) is fading in the butt cheeks of all places - but I always wear them with a tunic length top so all is well. Of course should the day come when those fades turn into holes....well I guess I'll be glad to be wearing a tunic over them!

Maybe I should start looking for a replacement....

Jeans are the things that wear out the fastest in my wardrobe, After a year or so the knees gets holes. My husband takes his jeans to a tailor to reinforce the thigh and seat area when his gets worn out which makes them last at least twice as long, but I don't see how knees could be fixed in a way that is invisible enough. (When I was young I had a pair that were practically see-through in the end and I had patched and reinforced them everywhere several times and also had my much younger cousin paint cute little people in red and green on them, so they lasted for five years or so, but I must say that style isn't suitable for my current age).
Of course it matters to the fast wearing out that I only own two pairs of jeans at the time and have only like one or two other kinds of trousers in addition to that so they get worn a lot.