Got them on mega sale, and were on my doorstep in two days.

LOVE THEM. Chic, and well made. Super soft and comfy. Look great too. A fab nod to the '90s sneaker, but a billion times more comfortable. Very soft and lightweight. Yellow is slightly less bright in person.

I have very low volume feet, and do not wear socks with low top sneakers. I added a pair of thick insoles to these and they fit well - although I might need TWO pairs of insoles.

My stash of ECCO Soft 7 sneakers are more supportive and comfortable, and fit even better than these PGs with TWO sets of thick insoles. But these are good for a change. They work seamlessly into my wardrobe - as you can see here. I happened to be wearing this very casual look today, and the sneaks are a perfect match

Yellow is a versatile neutral for my style.

Birds Nest Hair Chic. 16 days till my haircut. COUNTING DOWN.....