I actually am so glad you bought it to try on! I think the bold colours you wear with it will make all the difference, and it could be a great alternative for white as a base colour in your wardrobe. I'm with Inge that it will look great with your tweed blazer - not to mention how great it looks with your signature colours of tomato red and citron. Worth a bash, I say!

Also - with grey particularly, I find - it comes down to the right shade. For me, for example - it has to be very light, not medium, so that it provides sufficient contrast against my skin. Also, it has to be a warm grey, not cool, it has to be heathered, not flat, and it can't be too muddy. If it meets all these criteria - it's a great colour on me. If not - back it goes!

I was thoroughly amused by your responses. Thank you

Kyle, YAY.

Ginger, you are dead right. I am nothing if not very diciplined about my wardrobe. I shan't keep it if it feels off.

Unfrumped, I hope not! That will NOT work for me....

Janet & Smittie, exactly.

Laura, dogs are incomparable and imprint on our hearts.

Cat People - GET the cat version!

I went to Boden’s website to look at the dog stuff, and then to Nordstrom, and ended up ordering this Boden sweater in navy.


Definitely worth a try. I am more a cat personality but like to hang out with dogs too .